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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Healthy people; food secure communities

Our Mission

Food and Nutrition Education in Communities promotes positive nutrition practices, encouraging wise use of personal and environmental resources, securing access to nutritious and safe food, and fostering food secure communities through research- and issue-based programming with a focus on low-income individuals and families.

Our Values


Similarities and differences in life experience among staff and participants are considered and appreciated.


Differences in ethnicity and life experiences among target audience and staff are valued and respected.


Learner needs and styles are the basis of program content and delivery.  Building on the strengths and past experiences of learners results in a richer learning experience.


Staff and participants are encouraged through recognized success, improved self-esteem, continuing educational opportunities and professional advancement to make positive changes in their personal lives and communities.


Physical and emotional health, including optimal nutritional health, chronic disease prevention, and food safety promotion is emphasized.


Collaboration is emphasized among staff at all levels and other departments within CCE, in the counties, the NYC program and on campus. Community partners, including the target audience and other service providers, are included in collaboration activities.