NursingAs part of our commitment to ensuring the nutritional well-being of mothers and children, FNEC developed a breastfeeding curriculum, designed for pregnant and early postpartum women and individuals in their support system. The curriculum is made up of 8 sessions (approximately 1 hour each).


Sessions include:

  • Strategies for effective latch and exposure to different breastfeeding positions, allowing mom’s to  determine what works best for them
  • Encouraging understanding of mom’s health and the bodies preparation for breastfeeding
  • Reinforcing that breastfeeding is a natural part of infant nutrition
  • Strategies for maintaining breastfeeding as long as the mom chooses, including pumping and storing breast milk and nursing in public
  • Communication techniques that can help with developing a strong support system, including healthcare providers, family and friends

To learn more: contact Joan Doyle Paddock, MPH, RD, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University.