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FNEC Trainings Available

FNEC provides training to strengthen the knowledge and skills of professional, frontline and support staff to meet the needs of low-income audiences. Detailed below are the professional development opportunities offered to enhance facilitation skills, as well as provide position specific knowledge growth and skill development opportunities. Some of these trainings are available to other organizations and are tailored to meet the needs of staff of varying disciplines. Contact FNEC staff to explore training options.

Facilitation Skill Development Training

Reaching Not Just Teaching

A facilitation training that encourage learner involvement, honors learning styles and sharpens presentation techniques.

Taking the Helm

A facilitator training that prepares nutrition professionals to deliver the FNEC initial paraprofessional training: Navigating for Success (NFS).

Nutrition Program for:

Managerial Staff

  • New Nutrition Manager Training - offered twice each year
  • Spring Nutrition Updates - 3 day conference
  • Fall Nutrition Updates - 2 day conference

Frontline Staff

  • Navigating for Success (NFS) - 19 unit initial staff training
  • Data Collection Practices - offered regionally
  • Compliance Expectations - offered regionally

Professional Development

  • Breastfeeding
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • Diabetes
  • Food Allergens
  • NEERS (CRS5) Technical Training
  • Sweetners

Curricula Training

  • Orientation of staff to nutrition education curriculum as they become available.

FNEC Training Schedule

FNEC Staff can access the training schedule through the above link, which accesses the internal side of this web page.

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