Taking the Helm

This training prepares facilitators to deliver the Navigating for Success (NFS) initial frontline staff training. The training provides facilitators with the background into the dialogue-based, learner centered approach to adult education and allows the facilitator to practice the skills that make the design most effective.

Training Objectives

  • Assess a facilitation design (4A) that incorporates facilitating adult learner principles
  • Appreciate why learner-centered facilitating is more effective than teacher-centered
  • Explore adult learning principles
  • Recognize differences in learning styles and how incorporating all learning styles can maximize group learning
  • Review the VOICE principles and how they are used in groups
  • Examine the Seven Key Facilitation Skills and how they incorporate what we know about adults
  • Create a physical environment that is conducive to learning
  •  Review the 4A design more in depth
  • Practice the planning and facilitating processes

To learn more: contact fnec-admin@cornell.edu