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Healthy Children Healthy Families: Parents Making a Difference! (HCHF)

HCHF is a curriculum developed by FNEC that engages participants in learning healthy eating and physical activity practices and parenting skills. The workshops are offered as part of EFNEP through Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness (CHFFF)

CHFFF is an award-winning, comprehensive nutrition and fitness curriculum composed of six hands-on lessons for 8-12-year-olds. Developed by Cornell University’s Division of Nutritional Sciences in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Program, CHFFF uses experiential learning to teach healthy eating and active play, targeting behaviors research shows to be most important for preventing childhood obesity and chronic disease.

Finding a Balance: Prevention of Diabetes and Its Complications (FAB)

The FAB curriculum engages participants in learning about creating balanced, healthy and affordable meals that take diabetes into account. The workshops are offered as part of EFNEP through Cornell Cooperative Extension.


The breastfeeding curriculum was developed by FNEC staff for use in nutrition education programming. It includes prenatal education to prepare women to breastfeed and provides supportive information to postpartum women who choose to breastfeed. It includes advice an strategies for avoiding pitfalls and problems in the first weeks after delivery.