Training Resources

The training resources listed here were developed for Extension Educators and others who want to teach the Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness (CHFFF) curriculum. CHFFF training is ideally conducted jointly by 4-H and nutrition educators, at least one of whom is experienced in teaching CHFFF to youth. Participants in the training experience all parts of the CHFFF curriculum including the active games and recipes, review the nutrition content for each lesson, and briefly review facilitation skills and relevant youth development. For resources for training teens to teach CHFFF, see our CHAT program.

CHFFF webinar for Program Leaders: Get started by viewing this 40 minute webinar about CHFFF, recorded 2/8/17.  Start at 1:39 minutes, end at 43:00 minutes, for actual webinar.

CHFFF Training for Educators Facilitator Guide (2-day group training)

Nutrition Flash Cards

CHFFF Training Handouts

CHFFF Training Task 11 Handout

CHAT Handouts for CHFFF Training

CHFFF Training Guide for Individuals

How to Play CHFFF Games: Videos and Tips: short annotated video clips make learning the active games easier

To learn about bringing group training on CHFFF and/or CHAT to your area: contact Sally Crosiar, consultant and co-author,