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The CHFFF files are linked below for the limited purpose of education and training by non-profit organizations. To use the curriculum, please email Wendy Wolfe, PhD, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, with your name, agency/organization, state and intended use. To Order CHFFF Curriculum instead.

We highly recommend that CHFFF be used in its entirety and as written. If you only use parts of it, please be sure that Cornell copyright is acknowledged, adding “From Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness, Copyright 2011-15, Cornell University” to documents as needed. See complete CHFFF Copyright Information.

CHFFF Table of Contents
Section Contents


Printing Instructions
Cover Cover Page


Single-sided, not 3-hole; insert in front sleeve of binder.
Introduction Introduction: Contents (how to print and items by lesson), objectives, lesson structure, youth development, about the recipes, food packages, and active games


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert in binder before Tab 1.
Spine Spine: 4 copies of spine label for binder


Print on cardstock, cut apart, insert one into binder spine.
Lesson 1 Drink Low-Fat Milk and Water Instead of Sweetened Drinks


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 1.
Lesson 2 Color Your Plate: Eat More Vegetables and Fruits


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 2.
Lesson 3 Read It Before You Eat It! The Nutrition Facts Label


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 3.
Lesson 4 Make Half Your Grains Whole! Eat More Whole Grains


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 4.
Lesson 5 Healthier Foods – Fast: Eat Fewer High-Fat, High-Sugar Foods


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 5.
Lesson 6 Power Up Your Day: Eat Breakfast!


Double-sided, 3-hole paper; insert after Tab 6.
Games Appendices
(2 files)
Game Cards – Instructions and Leadership Tips (See also games by lesson and by age level and space needs in Intro)


Double-sided on cardstock (or laminated), then cut each page in half
Playing Pieces (for 4 of the games)


Double-sided, laminated, cut apart as indicated. Store in zip-lock bag.
Posters Appendices
(3 files – 1 full set, 2 subsets)
Posters, Complete Set, 11×17


1 full set, single-sided, 11×17″ paper, laminated (or print onto cardstock).
Duplicates of Healthy Steps posters, 11×17, to keep in next lesson´s kit for reviewing previous lesson


Posters 1-2, 2-3, 3-2, 4-4, 5-4 (Healthy Steps, not L6), single-sided, 11×17″, laminated (or cardstock).
Duplicates of 4 key posters for 8.5×11, to pass out for easier viewing


Posters 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.3: Print in 8.5×11″ size, in sheet protectors, 6 copies each or 1 per 2-3 children.
Visual Aids Appendices
(4 files)
1-V-1, 2-V-2 Station Instructions 
(L1 Sugar – grams to teaspoons, L2 Healthy Meals)
2 Single-sided, on cardstock (or regular paper), in sheet protectors (or laminate); 1 per station or 4 copies.
Go-Slow-Stop Circles, Lessons 1 and 6 3 Single-sided, laminated, cut apart as indicated. 2 copies each.
2-V-1 Descriptors, 4-V-1 Signs, 5-V-2 Fast Food Menus 8 Single-sided on cardstock. Cut apart as indicated. Menus in sheet protectors.
5-V-1 Blubber Burger Cards, 5-V-3 Fast Food Cards, 6-V-1 Water 13 Single-sided, laminated, cut apart as indicated.
Handouts Appendices
(4 files)
Family Newsletters and Introductory Flyer for Families


Double-sided, 1 per child (Introductory Flyer, pages 1-2, is optional).
4-1 Bread-in-a-Bag Recipe (Optional)


Single-sided, 1 per child. Optional.
6-1 Breakfast Olympics Scorecard


Double-sided, 1 per pair of children.

6-3 Celebration Certificate (pdf)

6-3 Celebration Certificate (docx)


Single-sided, 1 per child (also in MSWord so can enter names ahead).
Recipe Appendix CHFFF Recipes – Full page versions of all recipes, for food preparation


Single-sided, in sheet protectors (optional, since ½-page versions already in lessons and newsletters).
Scanned Food Package Labels
(5 files)
Food Packages for L3 Apply – Can Labels, Cookies


Single-sided on cardstock, in sheet protectors (or laminate).
Food Packages for L3 Apply – Salty Snacks


Single-sided on cardstock, in sheet protectors (or laminate).
Food Packages for L3 Apply – Sweet Snacks


Single-sided on cardstock, in sheet protectors (or laminate).
Food Packages for L4 Apply – Grains


Single-sided on cardstock, in sheet protectors (or laminate).
Food Packages for L6 Apply – Breakfast Foods


Single-sided on cardstock, in sheet protectors (or laminate).
Total Pages (All items, including curriculum, posters, visuals, etc.)


(Note: Also need copies of youth handouts – 13 pages per youth, plus 2 more per every 2 youth)

Printing Instructions

Color printing is recommended for all parts of CHFFF, especially for the handouts, posters, visual aids, and scanned food packages that youth will see or use, which are more appealing to children in color. For facilitators, color is used both to make the instructions and script easier to follow, and to color-code the various parts of the lessons, so again, color printing is preferred. However, all materials can be printed in grey-scale if color printing is cost-prohibitive. Laminating or enclosing cardstock in plastic sheet protectors is recommended for items that youth will handle, that can be used multiple times, or that will be posted while teaching lessons.

The Introduction and lessons should be inserted into a 1-inch binder, with 6 tabs. The rest of the files are teaching supplies – handouts to print as needed, the rest to print once and re–use, some laminated, some on cardstock and inserted into plastic sheet protectors. These can be stored in folders, one per lesson. Always print additional copies from the website, not from any saved copies, in case minor updates have been made. Below are detailed printing instructions.

CHFFF Teaching Kit Instructions for Print Your Own